Insurance for F&B Business

Insurance plays a crucial role in the food and beverages industry by providing coverage for various risks. This includes property insurance for physical assets, insurance for potential harm caused by products, general liability insurance for accidents on business premises, business interruption insurance for income loss due to disruptions, workers' compensation insurance for employee injuries, and supply chain insurance to mitigate risks in the supply chain. Insurance helps protect businesses and provide financial stability in the face of unforeseen events or accidents.

Why do you need insurance for your restaurant?

Food and beverage (F&B) business it’s not only applicable to restaurants. Whether it’s opening a cafe, restaurant, food truck, or food manufacturing business, owning an F&B business comes with its own set of risks. 

We know there are hundreds of things to keep track of when you run a food service business, so we’ve designed a food insurance policy to take some of those worries off your plate. Tune Protect F&B insurance policies are designed for your cafe business to mitigate those risks.

The last thing you want to see is to lose your company or be in debt due to unforeseen circumstances. Having the right types of insurance for your food service business means that you don’t have to pay out of pocket if an accident does occur. Allowing you to run your business at ease. 

Common business risk for F&B SMEs

Common business risk for F&B SMEs

Food service business insurance offers you protection from a wide range of unexpected events and accidents, including:

How much does food and beverage insurance cost?

You can save up to 25% in discounts when you buy food and beverage business insurance with Tune Protect. The exact amount you pay will depend on:

The type of industry
The type of category
Could be as low as RM300 monthly
The type of coverage
The size of your business

We provide specialized insurance for

food and beverage businesses

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Frequently asked questions about food and beverage services insurance:

  • Food and Beverages business will face various liability risks such as customer injuries, or property damage caused by the employee. Besides, Food and Beverages owner also need to protect their valuable assets such as machinery, equipment, and inventory from any cause such as fire, theft, or natural disaster. With insurance, Food and beverage insurance can cover the interruption caused such as fire, natural disasters, etc, and make the Food and Beverage owner feel safe because they don’t need to spend much money to make their business run like before.
  • Besides the business and customer, Food and Beverages insurance also can cover the employers since Food and Beverages business needs employers for daily operations. Injuries or accidents can occur in the workplace, and workers’ compensation insurance is crucial for both employees and businesses.
  • In summary, insurance is vital for Food and beverage businesses to protect against liabilities, safeguard assets, cover business interruptions, and ensure employee well-being. Using the insurance it offers peace of mind and the ability to overcome unexpected challenges in a highly competitive industry.

Should there be any unforeseen accidents such as fire or explosion, with selected coverage Food and Beverages operators can claim their sum insured limit for the damages in the premise, damages to their machinery such as coffee machine, stove, refrigerator, oven, and their stock and inventories such as coffee beans, milk, cold ingredients.

With every business, there are different risks involved. Whether or not the business owners have identified these risks or outsourced them, these risks exist. A business owner can choose to self-insure which may set back their capital or obtaining the right insurance coverage could benefit them and their business.

Fire, machinery, and stock/inventories are key coverage to consider. We would also recommend public liability as well as the plate glass, signboard, and signage coverage. Do consider adding additional special perils should your insured location be exposed to riots, floods, storms, explosions, or/and landslides.

Yes, please contact us at our call center to obtain an endorsement should you require to add on any coverages as your business grows and its risks change.

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