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Now you can enjoy life’s adventures with added confidence. With simple, affordable and on-demand insurance protection plans that help you quickly get back on your feet after any inconveniences. We make it easy for you to understand what you need, get only what you need, when you need it the most. With just a few clicks, you can now protect yourself and all that you love the most.

About Us

At Tune Protect, we believe that everyone deserves to be protected. We aim to provide our customers with the added confidence to enjoy life’s adventures, knowing that they and the ones they love the most are well protected. Since our inception in 2011, we are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience through our understanding of our customers who are increasingly looking for simplicity and convenience when it comes to insurance coverage. Our straightforward and affordable protection products are all easily accessible through the convenience of digital channels. We offer a range of tailored non-life insurance coverage products that are relevant to the needs of our customers in today’s world that include protection for travel, accidents, theft or unforeseen calamities, among others. We make our products simple and straight-to-the-point so that our customers can pick and choose the right plans for them, when they need it the most. And most importantly, we make it easier for our customers to understand what they get, and simplify the process to get it. They can now apply and claim for protection through our user-friendly digital channels, anytime, anywhere. Through our strategy of simplifying and creating a more efficient means of access and engagement through digital channels, we are able to provide our customers products and services that are fully relevant to their needs. We remain committed to be there for our customers, our employees, our partners and our stakeholders for the long-term.

The Team

Our Directors

Dato’ Mohammed Khadar Bin Merican


Non-Executive Director

Aireen Omar


Non Executive Director

Tan Ming-Li


Non-Executive Director

Mohamed Rashdi bin Mohamed Ghazalli

Senior Independent

Non-Executive Director

Kelvin Desmond Malayapillay


Non-Executive Director

Dr Grace Lee Hwee Ling


Non-Executive Director

Group Executive Committee

Rohit Chandrasekharan Nambiar

Group Chief Executive Officer

How Kim Lian

Group Chief Financial Officer

Prasanta Roy

Group Chief Technology Officer

Janet Chin

Chief Partnership Officer

Yap Hsu Yi

Chief – People & Culture

Mohd Yusof Hafiz Mohamad

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Jubin Mehta

Chief Executive Officer, Tune Protect Malaysia

Normah Baharom

Chief Executive Officer, Tune Protect Re

Ben Assanasen

Chief Executive Officer, Tune Protect Thailand

Arijit Munshi

Chief Executive Officer, Tune Protect EMEIA

Koot Chiew Ling

Principal Officer, Tune Protect Ventures

Shareholding & Corporate Structure

Shareholding & Corporate Structure

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Awards & Recognition

Travel Insurance Initiative of the Year – Malaysia

Insurance Asia Award 2022

Insurance Administrator of the Year – Malaysia

Insurance Asia Award 2022

Employee Experience Awards 2022

Employee Exp Awards 2022

Travel Insurance Initiative of the Year – Malaysia

Best Customer Experience Awards 2022

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