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Employee benefits insurance, also known as group insurance, is a type of coverage that employers can offer to their employees to provide financial protection and security for various types of risks. Let's take a closer look at how each type of coverage is applied in different scenarios.

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Why do you need employee benefits insurance for businesses?

Employee benefits insurance offers comprehensive coverage to employees, providing them with financial security and peace of mind for various risks, including slip and fall injuries, disability, health, dental, and life-related expenses. By offering employee benefits insurance, employers can attract and retain quality employees, improve employee morale and job satisfaction, and enhance their overall business operations.

Employee Benefits Insurance can help cover a wide range of risks.

Learn more about Employee Benefits for your business:

Each business has employees that they have hired. General Workers PA is an affordable personal accident plan that offers protection to local Malaysian manual workers and is specially tailored to financially help you prepare for whatever challenges life may bring you.

Should there be any unforeseen accidents such as injured employee in workplace, we cover accidental death, permanent disablement, medical and surgical expenses, and bereavement allowance.

With every business, there are different risks involved. Whether or not the business owners have identified these risks or outsourced them, these risks exist. A business owner can choose to self-insure which may set back their capital or obtaining the right insurance coverage could benefit them and their business.

You may purchase this coverage for up to 10 employees for your business via our microsite. Should you require coverage for more than 10 employees, reach out to our call centre.

Yes, please contact us at our call center to obtain an endorsement should you require to add on any coverages as your business grows and its risks change.

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