Loan Protection and Insurance

Loan insurance for businesses, also known as business loan insurance or business loan protection insurance, is a financial product designed to provide protection for both the business and the lender in the event of unexpected circumstances that could affect the business's ability to repay its loans.

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Why do you need your business loan protected and insured?

Business loan insurance is a financial product that helps protect businesses and lenders from unexpected financial challenges. It’s often required by lenders as a condition for loan approval and offers various benefits, including mitigating risks, safeguarding business assets, ensuring continuity, and providing peace of mind to business owners. 

Different types of loan insurance are available, such as business interruption insurance and key person insurance, each tailored to specific needs. Business owners should carefully consider their situation, policy terms, and costs before deciding if loan insurance is necessary for their business.

Who is Protected By Our Loan Protection and Insurance?

Loan Provider

Business Owner


What are the coverage and benefits of our Loan Protection and Insurance?

All Risks

Our policy covers:

I) Contents Protection

This includes Plant Machinery, Business Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings including Office Equipment, Stocks – applicable for all contents (First Loss) by Fire, Lighting, Explosion, Natural Disasters (Flood, Subsidence and Landslide, Earthquake), Theft, Accident or any other perils not specifically excluded (Within the Insured Premise)

II) Business Protection/Interruption

Your loan installment is covered for up to 3 months if your business is interrupted. The payment will be made directly to your loan provider.

Personal Protection

Our policy provides protection for the insured person in the event of an accident resulting in bodily injury, disability, or death within 365 days from the date of the accident.
The policy covers:

I) Accidental Death

Any Injury that directly results in death.

II) Permanent Disablement

Any Injury that directly results in one of the events listed in the Scale of Compensation in the policy.

III) Reimbursement of Outstanding SME Loan Balance

Any Injury which directly results in one of the events listed in the Table of Events contained in the policy.

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To get loan insurance from us, you will need to apply for a loan from one of our partners.

We are not able to offer our loan protection package to any existing loan or any new loan which is not provided by our partners. 

Depending on the policy of your loan protection, our coverage ranges from RM10,000 and up to RM500,000.

The premium to be paid will vary from RM160 up to RM700 depending on the option of plan opted for by the Certificate Holder/Insured. For full details, please refer to sales representative for advice

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Are you a loan provider?


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